7. Other publications

 7.1 Dictionary of Epidemiology

Council proposed the creation of a Dictionary of Epidemiology in 1980. The Dictionary is published for the Association by Oxford University Press. The Association owns the copyright and appoints the editor. The sixth edition was published in 2014.

7.2 Responsibilities of Council and the editor

   • The Secretary of the Association is responsible for contractual arrangements with the editor and the Publisher, currently Oxford University Press.
   • Council appoints the editor. No appointment procedure has been declared, but on previous occasions of the appointment of editors, informal nominations were put to Council.
   • Sixty percent of the royalties from the Dictionary are paid to the editor by the publisher. The editor’s royalties pay for secretarial services, travel, attendance at meetings and other expenses required for updating the Dictionary.
   • Forty percent of the royalties are credited to the Association.
   • A contract between the Association and the editor will be drawn up which includes the following items:
        a. A rolling contractual period of 5 years, which may be renewed after 3 years by Council.  
        b. 60% of the royalties are paid to the editor.
        c. Individuals nominated by the editor and approved by Council may be paid honoraria. 
        d. All expenses incurred by the editorial staff in the preparation of the Dictionary, including the honoraria, will be paid from the royalties received by the editor.
   • Requests for permission to translate the Dictionary into languages other than English should be approved by the Executive Committee, the editor, the publisher’s liaison person and the publisher’s Translation Rights Officer. Permission to publish a translation implies the following: 
       a. Full acknowledgement of the Association and the publisher.
       b. A royalty payment to the Association based on a formula approved by the publisher (currently OUP). This may be waived if the translation is distributed free of charge.
That it is free of charge must appear on the front cover of the dictionary.
       c. None of the original English explanatory text may appear without explicit permission from the Association, but the English key words may be reproduced.
      d. The Association’s logo may not be used in the publication unless the Council has endorsed the publication after independent review.

An online or digital version may be negotiated between the Association, the editor and the publisher.

7. 3 Publications sponsored by the Association

The Association has sponsored many publications over the years. Decisions about supporting publications are made by Council. A link to these titles can be found here.