IEA Logo Usage Policy 

The IEA logo is essentially the Association’s brand and identity. Logo guidelines help ensure IEA’s brand consistency in all its marketing and communication channels. In an incredibly competitive environment of epidemiology associations, it is essential that IEA’s logo continues to quickly communicate IEA’s identity regarding whatever activity the logo is used on. To that end, the Association has adopted the following Logo Usage Policy.

1) The primary logo for IEA is featured here: 

2) The use of IEA logo by IEA Regions should not modify its original look, although it can be combined with regional names for more localized identification. In these instances, it should be “IEA LOGO – REGION NAME” 
3) The typeface of the IEA logo is Times New Roman. The color is a deep (almost purple) blue. Black can be used as an alternative. The logo should not be used in reverse (e.g. white on black).

4) The logo should not be used on anything the Council has not explicitly endorsed or approved of.