Privacy Policy for Membership Data
Any information you submit through the web site of the International Epidemiological Association (IEA) will be held in the strictest confidence. Your postal and email addresses will be used to keep you informed of IEA activities and to mail you both the International Journal of Epidemiology and other information which members of Council feel may be of interest to you.   The information on areas of expertise, qualifications and employer will be used to direct some of our communications to those most likely to be interested. A limited set of data will also be shared with Oxford University Press (OUP) to mail you the International Journal of Epidemiology and maintain subscription renewals.  OUP does not sell or distribute their abbreviated version of the membership list to organizations other than the IEA itself.  Your contact data are also available to the membership for simple, individual queries via the database held in Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, which requires a name and password for access.
The Secretary holds the full electronic membership list.  However, regional councillors may also hold a list of regional members for purposes of communication with members on regional matters, or the whole list for the unique purpose of promoting IEA regional or World congresses of epidemiology. The Chairman of the Nominating Committee may also hold the complete list for purposes of communication with members on nominations for election to Council.  All holders of a partial or complete electronic list are under an obligation not to copy the list to any commercial organization.
The only information we collect from the website is that listed on the update form.  This information is sent by email directly to the IEA Secretary's office.
The IEA will not sell, trade or rent your personal information to any third party.
We appreciate that your privacy is very important to you. We welcome comments regarding this policy so it may be improved.  Please send comments to The Secretary, at
As a result of comments and legislation, the IEA reserves the right to modify its Privacy Statement from time to time.
If you do not wish to use the web based update form, you may send the Secretary the information by regular mail.  Whatever information you submit will be held on a computer database under the conditions described above.