Joint Membership Policy for the International Epidemiological Association

IEA supports professional membership in national epidemiological associations and societies that, like IEA, strengthen the epidemiology profession by promoting the understanding and use of high-quality epidemiological practices and professional connections.

In awareness of the expenses involved in maintaining memberships in multiple epidemiological associations or societies, IEA has created a Joint Membership Program. This program provides members of your national epidemiological association or societies the opportunity to join IEA for a significantly discounted rate of USD $25.

When your membership organization partners with IEA your organization gains a global identity and has greater involvement in the planning of IEA’s regional conferences and goals. Your members gain online access to the International Journal of Epidemiology, reduced conference registration fees, and participation in threaded discussions on IEA’s website. Plus, IEA will soon host the educational content of all IEA regional conferences behind our member paywall… a virtual library of epidemiological science.

Partnership Criteria:

Organizations wishing to partner with IEA on Joint Memberships should:
    • Embrace IEA’s principles of universality, decentralization and volunteerism;
    • Demonstrate support of IEA’s mission to promote high-quality epidemiological practices;
    • Be willing to share information regarding membership structure and dues;
    • Be willing to engage with IEA’s Regional Councilors in the development of scientific programming that benefits regional interests; and
    • Agree to allow mutual solicitation of memberships in the association/society, as well as permit an annual verification of joint membership by IEA or its regional councilor.

To apply for Joint Membership Partnership please submit a letter of interest, along with a copy of your association/society’s membership application, and bylaws and/or constitution to

We look forward to partnering with you!