Regional Councilor Conference Budget Request & Report

Please submit this budget, along with a comprehensive written request detailing Regional Conference plans to the IEA Office a minimum of three months before your Conference dates. The IEA Executive Council will consider your proposal and take action. Approved Conferences are subject to written agreements, and will require a final budget report (on this form) and written evaluation within 90 days following the meeting.


Budget Local 
 Budget USD

Final Local Currency

Final USD ($)





Registration Fees for the Meeting




Registration Fees for the Workshops (usually pre-conference)




IEA Support for inviting regional participants




Support from national Ministry of Health (MOH)




Support from other relevant ministries (e.g. education, research)




Support from national universities




Support from national research centers




Support from WHO Regional Office




Support from UN agencies (e.g. UNICEF, UNDP, ILO)




Support from other national agencies or companies




Income of exhibits (if different from company support)




Income of advertisements (if different from company support)




Total income
















(I) Establishing / Updating a Website for the Meeting








(II) Printing Expenses




Stationary & Envelopes




Meeting posters




Calls for Participation & Abstract Submission




Forms (registration, abstract, hotel accommodation, financial support)




Program & Abstract Book




Certificates (participation, speakers, companies)












(III) Meeting Secretariat Expenses




Secretarial Support (persons x hours x days)




Telecommunications (telephone, fax, internet)




Photocopying (Xeroxing)








Communications and diffusion of the meeting




Post-office and mailing




















(IV) Support of Participants / Speakers




Travel expenses




Accommodation expenses (persons x rate x nights)












(V) Meeting Days' Expenses




Payment to the Organizing Company




Secretarial assistance




Program and Abstract Book




Rental Fees of Meeting Halls (if any)




Rental Fees of Audio-visual equipment (if any)




Translation expenses (if needed)




Post-inauguration Reception




Luncheons & Dinner Parties








Certificates and Diplomas




Renting of a photocopy machine




Renting of the Convention Center




Renting Computers and Printers for pre-meeting courses




Simultaneous translation (if needed)












(VI) Expenses of Conference Company (if any)




Air-tickets of invited speakers




Air tickets of invited speakers












Total expenditure