The following is an agreement between the International Epidemiological Association “ASSOCIATION” and _________________________ a member of the council “COUNCIL MEMBER”. 
In order to provide an environment that is fully compliant with European Union rules on data protection (Directive 95/46/EC) and related principles, ASSOCIATION, has enacted a process of compliance-focused activities designed to protect the privacy of members. This data protection and privacy strategy will include an “opt out” provision that will be contained in subsequent membership dues renewal processes and on new membership applications. This process will take more than a year to fully implement and will include this evidence of responsibility contract for any council member who requests access to member information protected under European data protection rules. Please initial your willingness to comply with the following principles: 

______   As a COUNCIL MEMBER I pledge to hold any ASSOCIATION resources in strict confidence. I will not sell, share or distribute this information without the written permission of ASSOCIATION. 

______   As a COUNCIL MEMBER I pledge to retain this ASSOCIATION information only as long as it is needed. I will responsibly destroy this information through a secure means, such as document shredding, hydro-pulping or incineration. 

______   As a COUNCIL MEMBER I pledge to protect information in the same way I would protect my own sensitive information or the sensitive information of my family. 

______   As a COUNCIL MEMBER I pledge to immediately notify ASSOCIATION if know or have reason to suspect that ASSOCIATION information under my care or control has been stolen or misplaced. 
As a COUNCIL MEMBER I agree to these conditions and accept responsibility for any ASSOCIATION information resources,  
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