Reimbursable/Non-Reimbursable Expenses for IEA Councilors

Incorporated in the United States, IEA follows the IEA Financial Accountability Policy , Generally Accepted Accounting Practices, and Internal Revenue Service Guidelines. As a general rule, requests for reimbursements should be made within 60 days of incurring the expense. All expenses – with receipts and documentation - should be filed online at

Officer and Councilor's annual administration allocation are primarily designed to support the need for travel in your region. That said, there is often some misunderstanding on what these "administrative" allocation funds can be used for.

Here are some common expenses that can be reimbursed with funding from your administrative allocation:

   •  Secretarial support up to USD $1,000 per year.
   •  Gas/mileage expenses for IEA travel with written mileage and to/from locations. This is considered business use of your car and is reimbursable at the IRS Charitable rate.
   •  Economy  class travel, visas and lodging related to IEA business (typically this would be pre-approved by a member of the Executive Committee).
   •  Meals related to travel taken on behalf of IEA. Please provide receipts and the names of those you dined with, on your reimbursement request.
   •  Minor office supplies (paper, pencils) with appropriate receipts are reimbursable.

Examples of expenses that cannot be reimbursed include:

   • Equipment such as printers, computers, cell phones, desks, etc. Neither purchases nor rentals of equipment are reimbursable.
   • Utility services such as Internet, phone service, office cleaning, etc. 
   • Memberships or subscriptions. 
   • Rental of office/workspace and related services. 
   • Vaccines or medications needed for IEA travel.
   • The cost of passports or identification documents needed for travel.

A quick way to determine if an expense is reimbursable is to consider "who" the beneficiary is. If every member of IEA will have equal benefit from the expense, it is reimbursable. However, if the benefit is limited to only a few members (even if the benefit impacts a region) it is not.

Should you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact staff at before submitting your reimbursement requests.