IEA  Business Meeting

To be held in (location), at (time), on (date) - at least 1.5 hours should be allocated

1.  Apologies for absence of any Officer 
2.  Approval of Minutes of the two Business meetings held at the last WCE and any others during the triennium  
3.  Matters arising from the minutes not mentioned elsewhere 
4.  Report of the President 
5.  Report of the Secretary 
6.  Report of the Treasurer 
7.  Report of the Editor 
8.  Report of the Nominating Committee 
9.  Presentation of proposal for next WCE (allow 15 min each) 
10.  The next President’s vision for the coming triennium (15 min) 
11.  Announcements of any Awards, recognitions etc. 
12.  Any other Business