To be held in (location), at (time), on (date)


1.  Apologies
2.  Approval of Minutes of Council Meetings held on Date
      2. 1 Approval of EC minutes held on Date
3.  Matters arising from the minutes not mentioned elsewhere
4.  Applications for the next WCE (if needed)
5.  Report of the President
6.  Report of the Secretary 

7.  Report of the Treasurer

8.  Report of the Editor
9.  Reports from Councilors
      9.1 Africa
      9.2 Europe
      9,3 Latin America
      9,4 Middle East North Africa
      9,5 North America
      9,6 Southeast Asia
      9.7  Western Pacific
10.  Relations with WHO, etc.
11.  Nominating Committee
       11.1 To nominate the membership of the Nominating Committee
12.  Honorary Membership
       12. 1 To nominate honorary members of the Association, according to the constitution
13.  Confirm agendas of the forthcoming two business meetings
14.  Any other Business
15.  Date of Next Meeting