World Congress of Epidemiology Agreement

An agreement between the International Epidemiological Association, Inc. (“IEA”) based at (MAILING ADDRESS) and the Local Organizing Committee of the World Congress of Epidemiology (YEAR) (NAMES OF CO-CHAIRS)  sponsored by the (LOCAL HOST ORGANIZATION) (the “Organizer”)  covering the hosting and organization of the IEA World Congress of Epidemiology (YEAR) (the “Congress”) to be held in (CITY, COUNTRY on DATES).

1. Preamble
1.1. The Congress is the triennial international congress of the IEA. Approximately 800-1000 paying delegates attend, plus accompanying persons. Several full and partial bursaries are given. The IEA Council meets both before and after the Congress and the IEA General Meeting is held at the Congress. Satellite academic or training meetings may also be scheduled, either by IEA or by the Organizer (the latter subject to IEA approval).
1.2. The Organizer is responsible for management and administration of the Congress, including but not limited to venue and catering, delegate management, speaker management, social events, program and abstract management, transport, and budgeting and accounting.
1.3. IEA grants to the Organizer the right to use the names International Epidemiological Association, IEA and World Congress of Epidemiology in association with the Congress and any logos associated with these names.
1.4. All materials should make clear that the Congress is the IEA World Congress of Epidemiology.
1.5. IEA and the Organizer enter into this agreement in good faith and agree to work together for the success of the Congress.
1.6. This document forms the whole of the Agreement. Any changes to this Agreement must be made in writing and signed by both parties.

2. Academic Arrangements
2.1. The Organizer shall be responsible for all planning and implementation of academic arrangements.
2.2. At least 18 months before the Congress (DATE), the Organizer shall propose an international Scientific Program Committee, which shall include members of the IEA Council, for approval by the IEA Executive Committee.
2.3. At least eighteen months before the Congress (DATE), the Organizer shall propose a scientific program format and theme for approval by IEA.
2.4. The Organizer shall design the program and select content to produce a high-quality academic experience for all delegates.
2.5. The Organizer shall ensure that the management of all aspects of abstracts, including but not limited to submission, marking and selection, communication with authors, and publication in the program book (or elsewhere as agreed with IEA), shall be carried out using up-to-date professional standards and within budget.
2.6. The Organizer shall produce a program with a timetable which shall be available to all delegates on arrival at the Congress. The timetable shall be made available on the Congress web site at least one week prior to the meeting to allow delegates to plan their time. Delegates shall be informed by the Organizer when this is available.
2.7. The Organizer shall ensure that the Program Book, including abstracts, is available at the start of the Congress in printed form, electronic form or both.
2.8. The Organizer shall ensure good communication with speakers and a good level of service provision onsite, including slide preview facilities.
2.9. The Organizer shall set reimbursement rates for costs incurred by invited speakers (except for members of IEA Council and any speakers invited by IEA), and shall make this clear in speaker invitations. Speakers shall be reimbursed promptly upon receipt of appropriate claim forms and receipts.

3. Venue and Delegate Arrangements
3.1. The Organizer shall ensure that the management of all aspects of venue and delegate management shall be carried out using up-to-date professional standards and within budget.
3.2. The venue must be able to accommodate 800-1000 delegates in the main auditorium, which should have tiered seating. There should also be at least 5 other rooms, some of which should seat 200 people.
3.3. The Organizer shall prepare and implement a publicity plan for timely and effective promotion of the Congress to potential delegates, including a web site. The publicity plan should include working with IEA regional groups and national societies.
3.4. A range of registration fees should be proposed within the budget to allow for early-bird and early-career discounts, as well as accompanying persons. Member rates should be significantly lower than non-member rates.
3.5. Online registration facilities should be provided, and an offline option should also be available. Registrations should be acknowledged promptly.
3.6. There should be an up-to-date system for onsite check-in and registration to allow for rapid through flow of delegates at peak times.
3.7. Delegate accommodations should be made available at a range of prices to consider varying budgets.
3.8. There should be adequate transportation available, whether by public transport or by contract transport arranged within the budget.
3.9. The following social events should be organized within the budget: a welcome reception and a conference dinner which can be an optional extra charge.
3.10.  Catering requirements. A minimum of tea/coffee/water in the mornings and afternoons, along with lunches, should be included in the registration fee.

4. Financial Arrangements
4.1. At least eighteen months before the Congress (DATE), the Organizer shall submit a budget for the Congress to the IEA Executive Committee.
4.2. The Organizer shall provide regular updates to the IEA Executive Committee identifying any significant changes or issues.
4.3. The Organizer shall submit final accounts for the Congress to the IEA Executive Committee within nine months of the Congress, showing variations from budget with explanations.
4.4. The Organizer shall be solely responsible for the success of the Congress, shall retain any surplus and shall be responsible for any losses.
4.5. IEA will provide a loan of USD $50,000 to the Organizer in advance of the Congress. This loan must be returned to IEA within nine months of the Congress, irrespective of the profitability of the Congress.
4.6. If the Congress realizes a financial loss, the Organizer may apply to IEA for waiving repayment of all, or part of the loan. IEA is under no obligation to grant any such request.
4.7. The budget shall include, at the Organizer’s responsibility, 100 full or partial bursaries. The Organizer should propose the level of bursaries in the budget. When allocating bursaries, preference for full bursaries should be given to delegates from low-income countries and to early-career epidemiologists.
4.8. The budget shall include registration and catering costs of the IEA personnel as specified in clause 6.3 (below).
4.9. The Organizer shall indemnify and keep indemnified the IEA against all actions and claims in connection with the Congress.

5. Commercial Input
5.1. IEA has the right to accept or decline any commercial element of the Congress, including but not limited to exhibitors, sponsorships, commercial satellites, and advertising. All proposals should be submitted to the IEA Executive Committee for approval.
5.2. All commercial input must comply with IEA rules for commercial partnership.

 6. IEA Requirements
6.1. Organizer shall arrange a meeting room for 20 one day before, and for two days immediately after the Congress, for three days total.
6.2. Organizer will provide use of the main auditorium for the IEA General Meeting at a time specified by IEA.
6.3. Organizer will cover registration and catering costs for the IEA incoming and outgoing Council members plus up to three staff from the management company. The total personnel under this clause will not exceed 20. Provision for outgoing Council members and staff will need to begin up to two days before the Congress; provision for incoming Council members and staff will need to continue for up to two days after the Congress.

Signed by: _______________________________________  Date_________________________
                   IEA President
Signed by: _______________________________________  Date_________________________
                   IEA Secretary
Signed by: _______________________________________  Date_________________________
                   IEA Treasurer
Signed by: _______________________________________  Date_________________________
                  Organizing Committee Co-Chair
Signed by: _______________________________________  Date_________________________
                Organizing Committee Co-Chair