Western Pacific
Regional Area Councilor: Manami Inouei

IEA-WP also maintains its own website, with more detailed information on Western Pacific events and activities.
For password information please email the regional councilor at ieawp_sec@jeaweb.jp

Regional News

 Statement on COVID 19 (3/25/2020) 

 JEA-IEAWP Travel Awards for the World Congress on Epidemiology 2020 (12/3/2019) 

The Japan Epidemiological Association (JEA) and the International Epidemiological Association (IEA) Western Pacific (WP) region invite applications for the JEA-IEAWP Travel Award. Participants from the Western Pacific region who have an accepted abstract for oral presentation at the World Congress of Epidemiology (WCE) 2020 are eligible for this award. This award is intended to defray the cost of attending the meeting to support early career epidemiologists in the presentation of their high-quality research and their professional development.

An award of ISD $2,000 USD  will be made to up to 4 participants, and an award of $1,600 plus a registration waiver will be made to 5 participations. The grants are intended to offset expenses related to WCE 2020 attendance and travel. More details will be available on the WCE2020 website soon.


 Joint JEA-IEAWP Symposium on 22 February 2020 (12/3/2019) 
IEA Western Pacific Region will hold the JEA-IEAWP joint symposium in collaboration with JEA (Japan Epidemiological Association) on February 22, 2020, during the 30th Annual JEA Scientific Meeting in Kyoto, Japan, entitled what is expected as “Regional collaborative activities of IEA-WP region.”  

The symposium will invite speakers from 5 regional epidemiological associations including: Association of Chinese Epidemiology; Australasian Epidemiological Association; Korean Society of Epidemiology; Taiwan Epidemiology Association and Japan Epidemiological Association. It also invites speakers from early-career epidemiologist networks in this region. 

Information on Travel Grants is available here.

 IEA-AEA Western Pacific Regional Collaboration Award Results 2017 (1/25/2018) 

 IEA-AEA Western Pacific Regional Collaboration Award 2017 (1/18/2017) 

The International Epidemiological Association (IEA) – Western Pacific (W-P) Region and the Australasian Epidemiological Association (AEA), invite applications for the 2017 IEA—AEA Exchange Award.

The purpose of this Award is to share capacity and build collaborations between Australia/NZ and other countries in the region. Applications can be initiated by IEA or AEA members (including new members), and must involve a member from each Association, with one member based in a country outside of Australia or New Zealand.

The Australia or New Zealand based applicant must be a current AEA or IEA financial member. The applicant based in a W-P Region country outside of Australia/NZ must be a current IEA or AEA financial member (including new members). Voting members of the IEA and AEA Councils are not eligible to directly receive funds (but can serve as ‘hosts’).

The limited funds available are mainly intended to support or offset travel expenses, but any justified research-related expenses will be considered. Please see the attached application details.  Two awards will be made this year.

Applications close Friday 10th March 2017, 5pm AEST (Aust Eastern Standard Time)

Best wishes,

Tony LaMontagne (IEA Western Pacific Regional Counsellor, and AEA ex officio Council member)

Deakin University, Melbourne AUSTRALIA