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APHA 2015 Annual Meeting

The 2015 APHA Annual Meeting will be held in Chicago, October 31 to November 4. The IEA/APHA joint session “Epidemiology across the Americas” will discuss how to connect the Americans epidemiologist. Nancy Krieger and Howell Sasser from USA are the moderators of this session and the speakers are: Rita Barradas Barata and Cesar Victora from Brazil; Affette McCaw-Binns from Jamaica, Marcio Alazraqui from Argentina; Helia Molina Milman from Chile; Jorge Bacallo from Cuba and Marion Piñeros Petersen from Colombia. Finally, Mauricio Barreto will talk about the 2016 Epidemiology Congress of Americas co-organized by IEA, APHA, ACE and SPER.

You can’t miss this meeting! It will be a big opportunity to know new fellows and to establish partnership in epidemiological research.

Check out the IEA Calendar for more details.

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