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Call for IEA Council Nomination 2014-2017

[Nominations are closed: the 2014-2017 Council has been selected by our members.]

Dear IEA Members,

Because of the news of the sudden death of Patricia Buffler, we will be seeking nominations for one extra position for the IEA Council, i.e. someone to replace Pat.

Thus, we will be having two positions elected for President: one is the usual position, starting as President-elect in August 2014; the other is a replacement for Pat, and
would immediately on election (i.e. in February 2014) become President-elect and would take over as President in August 2014.

The IEA Nomination Committee is therefore searching for at least two nominations for candidates for each of the Executive Officer positions of: President, President-Elect, Secretary and Treasurer of the International Epidemiology Association. Please propose names you feel are suitable candidates as indicated below.

We are also looking for at least two nominations of IEA members from each region for the seven positions of regional councilor. If you are interested in becoming a councilor for your region, please email Professor Neil Pearce, Chair, IEA Nomination Committee, at: neil.pearce@lshtm.ac.uk with a brief curriculum vitae and a short statement of what you would like to be able to achieve if elected. The whole citation should be approximately 300 words.

Looking forward to your reply, on or before 1 December 2013.

With best regards

Neil Pearce

Past-president, IEA

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