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David H Wegman

David WegmanDavid H. Wegman is Professor Emeritus in the Department of Work Environment at the University of Massachusetts Lowell and Adjunct Professor at the Harvard School of Public Health. He was founding chair of the Department of Work Environment as well as Dean of the School of Health and Environment from 2003-2008. Previously he served on the faculty at the Harvard School of Public Health and as Division Chair of Occupational and Environmental Health at UCLA School of Public Health. Currently he serves as a member of the board of directors of the Alpha Foundation for the Improvement of Mine Safety and Health and a consultant to the Massachusetts State Department of Health. He received his BA from Swarthmore College and both his MD and MSc from Harvard University. Dr. Wegman’s epidemiologic research includes over 200 publications on acute and chronic occupational respiratory disease, occupational cancer risk and occupational musculoskeletal disorders and in surveillance of occupational conditions and risks. Most recently he has been directing an intervention study to address Mesoamerican epidemic nephropathy in El Salvador. He was named a National Associate of the National Research Council in 2002, is a member of the National Academy of Science (NAS) Board on Human Systems Integration, a member of the Institute of Medicine (IOM) Committee on Aerospace Medicine and the Medicine of Extreme Environments, and has chaired or served on a number of NAS ad hoc committees. He chaired the Mine Safety and Health Administration Advisory Committee on the Elimination of Pneumoconiosis Among Coal Mine Workers and previously served on the Boards of Scientific Counselors for NIOSH and for the National Toxicology Program as well as on the EPA Science Advisory Board. In 1998 he was awarded a Fulbright Senior Fellowship for study of Health and Safety of Older workers in Sweden and then, in 2006 he was appointed chair of the International Evaluation Group for an analysis of Occupational Health Research in Sweden.

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