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IEA-AEA Western Pacific Regional Collaboration Award Results

During 2015 a new initiative for Australia/NZ and the International Epidemiology Association (IEA) Western Pacific region was developed between the IEA Regional Counsellor for the Western Pacific (Tony LaMontagne) and the Australasian Epidemiology Association (AEA). A co-funded Regional Collaboration Award to support collaboration and exchange between IEA and AEA members was introduced, with two one-off Awards of AU$2000 ($1000 contributed by each Association) on offer (applications closed 30 October 2015). The purpose of the Award is to share capacity and build collaborations between Australia/NZ and other countries in the Western Pacific region.  Applications were required to involve a member from each Association, with one member based in a country outside of Australia or New Zealand (AEA’s main membership base).  Two awards were presented to researchers from the Fiji National University to attend research workshops in Australia.  Details of the successful applicants are noted below.  Our sincere congratulations to the winners with our wishes for their continuing success.  Tony LaMontagne, on behalf of IEA and AEA.  (click here for more information)

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