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INCLEN & IEA Partnership

Draft, 5th June, 2008 (Revised 24 Sept.´08)






This document constitutes a Memorandum of Understanding between the International Clinical Epidemiology Network (INCLEN) Trust International and International Epidemiological Association (IEA).

Dr Narendra K Arora,Executive Director, INCLEN Trust International ( seen on left in the photograph) and Dr Babu L Verma, IEA- INCLEN Liaison Officerin the IEA Council, Jhansi (UP), India ( seen on right in the photograph), are exchanging ‘IEA – INCLEN MoU’ after it has been signed by Dr Neil Pearce, President, IEA and Dr Narendra K. Arora of the INCLEN Trust International in January 2009.

The International Clinical Epidemiology Network (INCLEN) Trust International – a Not for Profit Academic Organization, has its Executive Director’s Office, located in New Delhi (India). The INCLEN Trust International seeks to strengthen national health care systems and improve health practices globally by providing professionals in the field with the tools to analyze the efficacy, efficiency, and equity of interventions and preventive measures. Responding to local, national, regional and global health care needs, the organization’sfocus is on priority health areas, affecting the world today. The organization is dedicated to improving the health of disadvantaged populations by promoting equitable health – care through its network across the globe by conducting collaborative interdisciplinary research on high- priority health problems and by training future generation of leaders in health care research.

The International Epidemiological Association (IEA) – a non-profit international scientific organization, registered as a professional society in United Kingdom, is aimed at promoting people’s health and reducing health inequalities by facilitating communication, including involvement of volunteerism, amongst those engaged in health care research & practice and teaching/training of epidemiology through – out the world, and to engage in the development and use of epidemiological methods in all fields of health. IEA’s global HQ (Main Secretariat) is presently at Alexandria, Egypt, and its Regional Offices – one each of its 7 Regions, are located across the world. Its (www.ieaweb.org) main activities include organization of World(viz. Porto Alegre IEA/WCE, September 2008, www.epi2008.com.br) as well as Regional Congresses on epidemiology, publishing International Journal of Epidemiology (www.ije.oxfordjournals.org), epidemiology–dictionary (viz. A Dictionary of Epidemiology, 5th Edition, 2008), books (viz. The Development of Modern Epidemiology,2007) & monographs and conduct of the International Course on Epidemiological Methods in Developing Countries (viz. IEA International Course, April 2009,Jaipur, India) to improve upon their capacity building. IEA has a strong global network of epidemiologists, biostatisticians and other related professionals, to regularly contribute to the development of epidemiology and improve peoples’ health and reduce health inequalities worldwide.


The purpose of this “Memorandum of Understanding” (MOU) is to initiate cooperation between the INCLEN Trust International and IEA in the areas of health research, and capacity building, which constitute core strategic plans of both the organizations. The specific objectives of the collaboration will be to:

1.Support joint capacity building to conduct health research in low and middle income countries (LMIC).
2.Participate and organize joint meetings, special sessions and create special interest groups in their scientific meetings and also otherwise.
3.Sharing information between the two organizations through web linkage.


Considering the ultimate common objective of the INCLEN Trust International and the IEA to reduce the total burden of disease, to promote health and well being of population and to reduce health inequalities, there is a need for collaboration between the two organizations to complement each other’s competencies, existing infrastructure and the dynamic network of academic investigators.


The INCLEN Trust International and IEA agree that, with a view to facilitating the effective attainment of the objectives set forth in their respective constituent instruments, they shall act in close cooperation with each other, and shall consult each other periodically, with respect to matters of common interest to secure effective coordination and to avoid duplication of efforts.

The institutions and the investigators affiliated to the INCLEN Trust International and the IEA would be considered‘a common pool of resources’ andcould beengaged in future multidisciplinary and multicentre collaborative activities with mutual discussion and agreement.


A.Expansion of the Network

The INCLEN Trust International, being a global organization with anetwork in over 30 countries, has a wide spectrum of activities, which are prioritized as per the local needs of the respective regions and countries. IEA’s network of epidemiologists is spread over across the world and works through its Main Secretariat and 7 Regional Offices. The above Collaboration will enable both organizations for further expanding their networks and hence, horizon of activities.


1.Collaboration with IEA will benefit INCLEN Trust International in identifying important issues, which can guide development of the research agenda of the organization. Collaboration with the INCLEN Trust International can also benefit IEA through its worldwide network of trained epidemiologists.

2.The INCLEN Trust International and IEA will work to develop activities to contribute effectively to the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals of the United Nations, reduce the burden of communicable and non-communicable diseases and reduce health inequalities as well as emergency preparedness & response.

3.Members of the two organizations will be invited to participate in the scientific deliberations, organizations of special sessions & creation of special interests groups in / of their scientific meetings and otherwise also, at subsidized registration fees.

4.Both organizations will work towards co-sponsorship of their global as well as regional meetings, especially scientific congresses / meetings.

B. Capacity Building

1.The INCLEN Trust International is significantly contributing to capacity building by training future generation of leaders in health care research. Research capacity building is further facilitated by providing linkages to large studies across the world. The INCLEN Trust International is itself engaged in providing Distance Learning through its Global Virtual Campus for Health Research. The unique Mentor and Mentee concept of the INCLEN Trust International is instrumental in constantly evolving next generation ofresearch leadership in the field of clinical medicine and public health. The INCLEN Trust International will give priority to the training & mentoring of younger health professionals nominated by IEA.

Similarly, International Epidemiological Association(IEA) iscontributing towards the capacity building in epidemiology in several ways, viz. organizing International Courses on epidemiological methods in Developing Countries (e.g. Jaipur, India, April 2009 Course) and publication of books on epidemiology (e.g., The Development of Modern Epidemiology, 2007) and publication of epidemiology dictionary (e.g., A Dictionary of Epidemiology, 5th Edition, 2008), etc. IEA will consider applicants from INCLEN by giving possible preference in its training programs / courses.

The INCLEN Trust International and IEA will plan and conduct joint training workshops pertaining to mutually agreed areas of interest and would give preference to participation of trainees, recommended by the other organizations (IEA / INCLEN).

The INCLEN Trust International has strong global links with a wide range of experts, ranging from clinicians / faculty in medical colleges to community physicians, epidemiologists, biostatisticians, social scientists and health economists who serve as excellent human resources for capacity building and research. The INCLEN Trust International, in partnership with IEA, will evolve new training / fellowship programs and also help in identifying collaborative centers to undertake these trainings. By mutual agreement, expert affiliated to INCLEN and IEA, can be requested to participate in these programs. Collaboration between INCLEN and IEA will also facilitate exchange of scientists between two organizations (IEA / INCLEN).

C.Network Management

Over the years the INCLEN Trust Internationalhas recognized the sensitivities ofpartners in collaborative researchand has mastered artofseeking their commitment and cooperation. The INCLEN Trust International has vast experience of effective Network Management which has been successful in institutionalizingmulticoated and multidisciplinaryprojects related to clinical epidemiology and public health. The INCLEN’s practical and sustainable mechanism of working with academic institutions across the world confers a unique advantage to the organization to mount large multicentric multidisciplinary projects. The IEA, which has its own experts and internationally renowned scientists, can fulfill its strategic objectives by counting on the INCLEN’s technical and administrative experience to launch multi-country multi-site projects in countries having INCLEN presence.

C.Financial Aspects

1.The INCLEN Trust International and the IEA will jointly develop the proposals for various capacity building activities and make joint efforts to raise funds for such activities.
2.Members of both organizations would be encouraged to become member of other (INCLEN/IEA) organization on a subsidized membership fee. The present model of joint membership by IEA and AEA, could be used for these organizations also.
3.For the scientific meetings – global as well as regional, of the two organizations, the registration amount would be subsidized for participation of members from the other’s organization (IEA / INCLEN).

D.Other Influencing Factors

4.Should any information from this “Memorandum of Understanding” be publishable, both INCLEN Trust Internationaland IEA shall be free to publish without any restriction.


The scope of collaboration on academic and research activities under this “Memorandum of Understanding” may include, but is not limited to, the following:

1.Optimizing mutual benefits by sharing information about the meetings that could be of interest to the other party.

2.The INCLEN Trust International and IEA shall arrange for the exchange of information, publications like Newsletters and documents concerning health promotion and emerging health problems. To this effect, the parties shall be periodically sending to each other their list of relevant reports, publications and other documents so that the other party could request copies of these publications and documents.

Linking both websites will facilitate sharing of information.

The experience of IEA resource persons could be utilized by the INCLEN Trust International by providing opportunity for sabbatical at the INCLEN sites.

Experts from the two organizations could be included to be as members/advisors in the official journals of the two organizations, subject to the consent by editors of journals of both organizations.


1.The Executive Director of INCLEN Trust International; and, the President, IEA, will make appropriate working arrangements for the implementation of the provisions of this Memorandum of Understanding.

2.Prof R.M.Pandey, New Delhi (India) from the INCLEN Trust International; and Prof Babu L Verma, Jhansi (India) from the IEA, will be focal persons ( Global IEA – INCLEN Liaison) for initial first three years to coordinate and liaison activities betweenINCLEN Trust International and IEA.

3.For all the joint activities under this MOU, joint efforts will be made by both the organizations to raise funds.


Signature of this Memorandum of Understanding does not entail any material, financial, legal or other obligation for either of the two organizations . Specific initiative areas to be considered and agreed upon, on a case by case basis, including the contributions and obligations of each organization. Subsidiary agreements wouldbe thus, required.


The Impactofthe INCLENTrust International and the IEA collaborationwould be assessedby:

Co-sponsored scientific meetings, organization of special sessions in each other’s program and participation of IEA/INCLEN members in each others scientific events.

Number as well as implementation of joint workshops organized/ courses conducted or members of each other’s organization supporting such workshops / courses.

Number of investigators trained to conduct health research by the training programs jointly developed by the INCLEN Trust International and the IEA.

Number of health research and training programs jointly developed by INCLEN Trust International and the IEA, in low and middle income countries.


This Memorandum of Understanding shall be effective on the date of its signature.


This Memorandum of Understanding shall remain in force, unless otherwise agreed upon, shall be effective from the date of signing and may be terminated by mutual consent, either or both parties giving to the other six month’s written notice of termination.


This Memorandum of Understanding may be amended by mutual written agreement of The President, IEA and the Executive Director INCLEN Trust International.

Duly signed by Parties:

(Neil Pearce)(Narendra Arora)

President, IEAExecutive Director, INCLEN

For InternationalFor INCLEN Trust International

Epidemiological Association



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