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John Pemberton Archives

John Pemberton was the key figure in founding the ‘International corresponding club (ICS), later to become the International Epidemiological Association (IEA), and the Society for Social Medicine (SSM).  The first full meetings of the two societies were held in September 1957, ICS in Noordwijk and SSM in Birmingham. On the fiftieth anniversary of those two meetings at a joint conference of the European region of IEA and SSM in Cork, Ireland in Sept 2007, a Pemberton lecture was established with Jorn Olsen, president of IEA, giving the inaugural lecture. Following retirement as emeritus professor from Belfast, John Pemberton returned to Sheffield, where he continued an active contribution to epidemiology and social medicine for many years. He died in early 2010 aged 97 . A collection of papers, mostly relating to foundations and early years of IEA and SSM, collected by John Pemberton himself, has been lodged at Cardiff University. A collection of epidemiological / social medicine documents was initially started by University of Wales College of Medicine library round Archie Cochrane memorabilia. Following the merger of UWCM with University College Cardiff and renaming Cardiff University this collection has joined the ‘SCOLAR’ collection with full time professional archivists. Cataloguing of the material is completed and the catalogue will be searchable online by the end of the year. Archives of both IEA and SSM are held at the Wellcome Institute of History of Medicine.

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