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Library of Alexandria SuperHelp Desk: Recruiting Experts in Research Methods

Dear Friend,

The Library of Alexandria, and the WHO Collaborating Centre at the University of Pittsburgh are launching a project to improve productivity in developing countries by establishing a Research Methods Help Desk. This will assist junior researchers to design research and publish their public health research discoveries in leading international biomedical journals The BA Help Desk can be accessed at http://ssc.bibalex.org/helpdesk/introduction.jsf . Questions from junior scientists will be guided to experts from across the world. With your help we can help your faculty, friends and students to publish. This service is free.

We are piloting the Help Desk in the Eastern Mediterranean countries before helping all countries having limited publications.

Publications from developing countries represent only 3% of published scientific papers, despite the fact that 27% of scientists live in developing countries. Fifty countries of the world publish 2 or less articles each year on public health. Over 80% of articles rejected by the major biomedical journals are due to research methods problems. We hope to help remedy this by establishing a research methods help desk at the Library of Alexandria. Scientists in developing countries have excellent research ideas, but cannot overcome the problem of limited research capabilities and biostatistical skills. In most developing countries for each person trained in research methods, there are over 500 clinicians. By building a help desk we can aid new researchers by linking them with experienced researchers across the world. With the help desk, volunteer experts will aid junior scientists to answer their most pressing research methods questions. We plan to see a 50% improvement in publications for the least publishing countries in 5 years. The Library of Alexandria is the center and is proud to be supporting these efforts.

We would like you to join this effort as part of our mentoring team, please write to ronaldlaporte@gmail.com. We are recruiting people who have published in top journals, as you know how to publish. Also, if you have research methods questions yourself we would be pleased to provide advice at our help desk. If you live in an Eastern Mediterranean country (as defined by the WHO regional Groupings). We would be pleased to help you to publish in leading scientific journals.
Please share this posting with your colleagues, faculty members, researchers, and students throughout your institution, your country and the world.

Sincerely yours

Ismail Serageldin, Ph.D.
Library of Alexandria
Alexandria Egypt

Ronald LaPorte, Ph.D.
WHO Collaborating Centre
University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA USA

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