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Membership Status in the EU

The count of IEA members from the European region has ranged from 265 to 285 over the last few years. At the end of 2011 there were more than 640 European members, of which 550 were from one of the 15 countries in the European Federation. There was a big contribution from the UK (290 associates). New members signed up at the WCE in Edinburgh as part of the conference fee. We hope all of these new members will renew their memberships.

At now, only the Finnish Epidemiological Society has taken a joint membership scheme. Some societies  that wished initially to enter the scheme expressed some doubts for practical or legal / fiscal reasons.

Following the request of the IEA executive committee, the IEA-EEF has renewed the invitation to the national societies to take up joint membership. Many societies have declared their interest in doing it and are waiting for receiving specific scheme proposals.

Adele Seniori Constantini, Regional Area Councillor (Europe)

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