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Regional Area Councillor: Eduardo Franco

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  • IEA-AEA Western Pacific Regional Collaboration Award 2017

    January 18, 2017

    The International Epidemiological Association (IEA) – Western Pacific (W-P) Region and the Australasian Epidemiological Association (AEA), invite applications for the 2017 IEA—AEA Exchange Award.

    The purpose of this Award is to share capacity and build collaborations between Australia/NZ and other countries in the region. Applications can be initiated by IEA or AEA members (including new members), and must involve a member from each Association, with one member based in a country outside of Australia or New Zealand.

    The Australia or New Zealand based applicant must be a current AEA or IEA financial member. The applicant based in a W-P Region country outside of Australia/NZ must be a current IEA or AEA financial member (including new members). Voting members of the IEA and AEA Councils are not eligible to directly receive funds (but can serve as ‘hosts’).

    The limited funds available are mainly intended to support or offset travel expenses, but any justified ...

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  • Call for nominations for IEA Councillors 2017-2020

    November 8, 2016

    The IEA is seeking nominations for IEA Council Membership for 2017-2020

    Nominations are requested of the following positions:

    • President Elect
    • Secretary
    • Treasurer
    • 7 Regional Councillors, respectively for the African Region; the Eastern Mediterranean Region;  the European Region; the Latin American and Caribbean Region; the South East Asian Region; the North American Region; and the Western Pacific Region

    Any IEA member may submit to the Nominating Committee names of candidates for President Elect, Secretary, and Treasurer. IEA members may submit nominations for Regional Councillors for their own region only.

    Those nominating candidates must ensure that:

    Self nominations can be accepted ONLY from current IEA Secretary, Treasurer, and Regional Councillors.

    Nominations should specify the name and address ...

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  • Call for new Editor(s)-in-Chief, International Journal of Epidemiology (IJE)

    January 26, 2016

    The International Epidemiological Association (IEA) is seeking new Editor(s)-in-Chief for its influential flagship journal, the International Journal of Epidemiology (IJE). The IJE, owned by IEA, is published by Oxford University Press (OUP).

    IJE is one of the most highly respected and cited journals in the field of epidemiology. Its Impact Factor increased from 4.5 in 2006, to 9.2 in 2014, and it is currently ranked 2nd in the list for all journals on Public, Environmental and Occupational Health. Around 130 original articles, together with editorials, commentaries, letters and commissioned content are published annually, in six issues. The Journal receives over 1,500 article submissions a year.

    This is an exciting opportunity for an outstanding scientist(s) to take this successful journal onto the next stage in its development. Applicants should be specialists in epidemiology or public health with an international reputation and editorial experience. Applicants can be based anywhere in the world. Joint applications ...

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  • Special Session: Epidemiology across the Americas: Bringing Together Latin American, Caribbean, and North American Epidemiologists – a panel discussion

    December 18, 2015

    IEA blog – joint for N. American region & Latin American & Caribbean Region (11/16/15)
    — Nancy Krieger (N. American Region)
    — Rita Barata (Latin American & Caribbean Region)

    We share here our brief reportback on a special session jointly organized by: (a) our two IEA regions (North American, and Latin American and the Caribbean), and (b) the Epidemiology Section of the American Public Health Association (APHA). We are happy to say our session, which took place on Monday, November 2, 2015, stands as the first event ever jointly co-sponsored by the IEA and the APHA Epidemiology Section! The APHA Epidemiology Section notably has the most members of any of the North American epidemiology associations, and is also APHA’s second largest Section. The APHA annual meeting is one of the larger regular gatherings of public health professionals, with attendance typically between 12,000 and 15,000 participants.  Read more…..

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  • 2016 Epidemiology Congress of the Americas

    December 1, 2015

    Logo_1Don’t miss this important information for the 2016 Epidemiology Congress of the Americas

    Meeting registration and hotel accommodations are now live. You can access everything you need by clicking here

    The abstract submission time is February 8, 2016 – March 7, 2016. View the call for abstracts here.

    Award nominations are now open! The deadline to submit a nomination is January 11, 2016

    Travel Scholarship

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  • APHA 2015 Annual Meeting

    September 7, 2015

    The 2015 APHA Annual Meeting will be held in Chicago, October 31 to November 4. The IEA/APHA joint session “Epidemiology across the Americas” will discuss how to connect the Americans epidemiologist. Nancy Krieger and Howell Sasser from USA are the moderators of this session and the speakers are: Rita Barradas Barata and Cesar Victora from Brazil; Affette McCaw-Binns from Jamaica, Marcio Alazraqui from Argentina; Helia Molina Milman from Chile; Jorge Bacallo from Cuba and Marion Piñeros Petersen from Colombia. Finally, Mauricio Barreto will talk about the 2016 Epidemiology Congress of Americas co-organized by IEA, APHA, ACE and SPER.

    You can’t miss this meeting! It will be a big opportunity to know new fellows and to establish partnership in epidemiological research.

    Check out the IEA Calendar for more details.

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  • Pat Buffler, 1938-2013

    September 29, 2013


    It is with profound sadness that we inform IEA members and the epidemiology community of the passing of one of the giants of our profession, Patricia Buffler. Her untimely death on Thursday, September 26, at the age of 75, stopped her career at a point when she was as active as ever. Pat was President-Elect of the IEA. Her term was to start in August 2014, during the World Congress of Epidemiology to be held in Anchorage, Alaska, a state where she spent many cherished moments of her professional life, she used to remind us.

    Pat was a nurse and biologist at heart, skills she acquired as an undergraduate. Her passion for public health began in the early 60’s at her beloved University of California, Berkeley, where she earned two graduate degrees, in public health administration and epidemiology. ...

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  • Update on the IEA NA Region

    June 8, 2012

    A priority for this year has been to facilitate interaction among North and South American epidemiologists and public health professionals. This is a joint effort with Jaime Miranda, South American representative. Two initiatives illustrate some of what we have been doing. First, discussions are underway as to whether in 2016, the North American Congress of Epidemiology will become the “PanAmerican Congress” with IEA as a co-sponsor.  Second, a Latin American Public Health Conference (Congreso Latinoamericano de Salud Pública) will be held in Cordoba, Argentina in November 2012, and IEA will participate in developing the scientific program, aiming to include some speakers and audience from North as well as South America.

    The 2014 IEA Congress in Anchorage will become an increasingly central focus over the next two years. A specific plan for publicity, recruitment, and funding will be made after the August 2012 IEA Council meeting in Anchorage. Some support has already ...

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  • Obituary: Lester Breslow, 1915-2012

    June 8, 2012

    Lester BreslowPublic Health has lost a capable and effective champion and legend with the passing of Lester Breslow, M.D.,M.P.H. Sc.D. (hon). Professor Breslow, one of the founders of the International Epidemiological Association passed away April 9, 2012. He served as President of the association from 1968-71, as a member of council from 1957-71, as chairman of the Executive Committee from 1964-68. He was Honorary Chair of the 1990 meeting in Los Angeles which was organized by his devoted wife, Devra.  One of his major goals for the IEA was to involve Eastern European epidemiologists in its activities – not exactly popular in the 1960s and 70s. He developed a friendship with Dr Venediktov, the minister of health in the USSR, and he was partly instrumental in subsequently recruiting Professor Jan Kostrezewski, a Polish Minister of ...

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