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Resignation of Editors-in-Chief of the International Journal of Epidemiology

It is with great regret that IEA Council has accepted the resignation of the IJE Editors-in-Chief, George Davey Smith and Shah Ebrahim, effective from 31 December 2016.

After a long and tremendously successful period under George and Shah’s leadership since 2000, the IJE was brought from the status of a relatively ordinary publication to the top journal in its area, becoming the most influential and attractive journal in the field of public health. This sustained trend was the result of a lot of dedicated work, a wise effort to grasp innovation and a unique inspirational vision that they were able to share with an Editorial Board comprising many of the most  influential and active epidemiologists worldwide. In times of fragmentation and rapid wastage of knowledge, each issue of IJE stands for itself, attractive and readable as a unique piece of science and culture, worth revisiting.

The IJE has been fundamental in helping IEA fulfill its mission of promoting epidemiology as a central research discipline, widening its influence to other science areas, to training and field activities. This happened because George and Shah were always able to build creative and original cross-talks with disparate disciplines, to find common approaches to novel venues and especially to push forward challenges that would make a difference, proposing to confront the most difficult test: the invention of futures.

We know that Shah and George will continue their personal journey in the epidemiological community, as outstanding scientists and teachers. And we want them to know that we consider their contribution to the IEA as needed and relevant as ever.

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