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Just published: The IEA Dictionary of Epidemiology, 6th edition

UPDATE: The new edition of A Dictionary of Epidemiology has just been published by Oxford University Press (OUP):

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Oxford University Press has announced that the new, 6th. edition of the IEA Dictionary of Epidemiology […]

Deadline March 1, 2013: Submit to A Dictionary of Epidemiology, 6th edition (2014)


The International Epidemiological Association (IEA) and Oxford University Press (OUP) are pleased to announce that work is now beginning in preparation of the 6th edition of A dictionary of epidemiology, whose first four editions were edited by John Last (Ottawa). As the current 5th. edition (published in 2008), the 6th. edition will be edited under […]

The IEA Dictionary and who should be the editor


Readers of the European Journal of Epidemiology will be aware of the debate this Journal started by inviting O.S. Miettinen to provide a review of our dictionary 1. Miettinen’slatest response in this debate is as always interesting reading, written in a hyped language that matches true novel pieces of writing in the scientific literature 2. […]