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Richard Peto Wins 2014 Richard Doll Prize

The 2014 Richard Doll Prize has been awarded to Richard Peto from the University of Oxford, in recognition of his highly original innovations in the methodology of multi-centric observational studies and randomized trials that have rapidly translated into studies advancing knowledge directly relevant to the prevention and treatment of cancers and cardiovascular diseases. Peto’s methodological […]

John Pemberton Archives

john pemberton

John Pemberton was the key figure in founding the ‘International corresponding club (ICS), later to become the International Epidemiological Association (IEA), and the Society for Social Medicine (SSM). A collection of papers, mostly relating to foundations and early years of IEA and SSM, collected by John Pemberton himself, has been lodged at Cardiff University. […]

Countdown to 2015: Maternal, Newborn and Child Health


The “Countdown to 2015: Maternal, Newborn and Child Health” is a global initiative that includes academics and representatives of multilateral and bilateral agencies, professional organizations and civil society who share the common goal of increasing accountability for progress towards the Millennium Development Goals for improving the health of mothers and children. The visible face […]

African Epidemiological Federation Officially Launched


The African Epidemiological Federation ( AEF ) was officially launched on 13 March, 2012, in Calabar, Nigeria. AEF was launched during the 2nd Annual General Meeting of the Epidemiological Association meeting of Nigeria ( EPISON ). The Federation was declared by Past President of IEA, Professor Neil Pierce. In attendance were the African Regional Councillor, IEA, Dr Kingsley Akinroye and the President of the Public Health Association of Nigeria, Professor Obehi Okojie. AEF delegates fom Ghana, Cameroon, South Africa and Nigeria were also present. Over 150 partipants from Nigeria attended the EPISON meeting. […]

Making raw data widely available (BMJ 2011;342:d2323)


In a recent editorial from the BMJ, arguments for sharing data were once more repeated (ensures reproducibility, allows testing of secondary hypotheses, facilitates development of new statistical methods, provides a resource for teaching, aids design of new studies, simplifies data acquisition for meta analysis, and helps prevent fraud and selective reporting). Although substantial support to […]

Good Epidemiological Practice (GEP)



November, 2007

This document is based upon a document developed for the IEA-European Federation. The documentation has been substantially modified over the years. This latest version has been approved by Council.


In these guidelines, we begin by outlining the background to epidemiological […]

How much should epidemiologic research be regulated? (Part 1)


Epidemiologists, like other scientists, make mistakes. In our search for learning about causal links between environmental or genetic factors and diseases we study associations as they occur in populations that provide access to data. We know that these associations have many reasons; most of these are not the causes we seek. Much attention (too […]

Epidemiology and the Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize is without doubt the most prestigious prize in science, not because of the amount of money the prize winner is given, but because of its history and the care the committee takes in selecting the best candidates given the principles laid down in its foundation. These principles go back to Nobel’s will […]

INCLEN & IEA Partnership

Dr Narendra K Arora,Executive Director, INCLEN Trust International ( seen on left in the photograph) and Dr Babu L Verma, IEA- INCLEN Liaison Officerin the IEA Council, Jhansi (UP), India ( seen on right in the photograph), are exchanging ‘IEA – INCLEN MoU’ after it has been signed by Dr Neil Pearce, President, IEA and Dr Narendra K. Arora of the INCLEN Trust International in January 2009.

Draft, 5th June, 2008 (Revised 24 Sept.´08)






This document constitutes a Memorandum of Understanding between the International Clinical Epidemiology Network (INCLEN) Trust International and International Epidemiological Association (IEA).

Dr Narendra K Arora,Executive Director, INCLEN Trust International […]

Epidemiology faces its limits… all over again


Epidemiologists who are not entirely newcomers to the discipline will remember the debate G Taubes activated by his Science paper in 1995 ‘epidemiology faces its limits’. Now he is back with a paper written to a much larger audience called ‘do we really know what makes us unhealthy’, published in The New York Times, September […]