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P-values – in Nature (Regina Nuzzo. Scientific method: statistical errors. Nature, 12 February 2014; 506: 150-52)


Most epidemiologists are aware of some of the problems with P-values; they combine both effect size and sample size, they are not easy to interpret, in most studies they really have no meaning and in many cases they are simply grossly misleading causing mistakes that can be serious. Misinterpretation of P values has probably led […]

Four deadly sins that will not go away


Understanding case-control studies as involving sampling the necessary information from an underlying, often unknown, cohort to learn about the relative increase in disease occurrence among exposed compared to not-exposed goes back to the 1980s. But comparing cases and controls in a table (often table 1) is still what we see. “You should stop this business of comparing cases and controls” was what Miettinen’s students were told more than 30 years ago. Apparently, not many listened… […]