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2014 Richard Doll Prize: Nominations and Selection


The International Epidemiological Association established in 2007 the Richard Doll Prize in Epidemiology. The price is awarded in principle on a triennial basis. The first prize was conferred in 2008 to Dr Nubia Muñoz, and the second prize in 2011 to Dr David Barker.

The prize will be given to an epidemiologist of the highest […]

Epidemiology and the Nobel Prize

The Nobel Prize is without doubt the most prestigious prize in science, not because of the amount of money the prize winner is given, but because of its history and the care the committee takes in selecting the best candidates given the principles laid down in its foundation. These principles go back to Nobel’s will […]

Epidemiology faces its limits… all over again


Epidemiologists who are not entirely newcomers to the discipline will remember the debate G Taubes activated by his Science paper in 1995 ‘epidemiology faces its limits’. Now he is back with a paper written to a much larger audience called ‘do we really know what makes us unhealthy’, published in The New York Times, September […]