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Library of Alexandria SuperHelp Desk: Recruiting Experts in Research Methods

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The Library of Alexandria, and the WHO Collaborating Centre at the University of Pittsburgh are launching a project to improve productivity in developing countries by establishing a Research Methods Help Desk. This will assist junior researchers to design research and publish their public health research discoveries in leading international biomedical journals The BA […]

African Epidemiological Federation Officially Launched


The African Epidemiological Federation ( AEF ) was officially launched on 13 March, 2012, in Calabar, Nigeria. AEF was launched during the 2nd Annual General Meeting of the Epidemiological Association meeting of Nigeria ( EPISON ). The Federation was declared by Past President of IEA, Professor Neil Pierce. In attendance were the African Regional Councillor, IEA, Dr Kingsley Akinroye and the President of the Public Health Association of Nigeria, Professor Obehi Okojie. AEF delegates fom Ghana, Cameroon, South Africa and Nigeria were also present. Over 150 partipants from Nigeria attended the EPISON meeting. […]

The World Bank and WHO developmental goals: A suggestion for a new International Agency for Research on Chronic Diseases


The WHO Health for All by the year 2000 program was very ambitious and had a tight deadline. The success of the program may be questionable but it did help many countries to start formulating health goals for the population, rather than planning all health care activities on treatment indicators. The Millennium Development Goals follow […]