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IEA members receive free online access to the International Journal of Epidemiology as part of their membership. Please note that print subscriptions will be discontinued in January 2024; print subscription orders will not be taken following September 30, 2022. 

To read the journal online, you must have your current subscriber number which was emailed to you a few weeks after you joined IEA. (This email will be from, the publisher of the Journal.) You can register for online access to IJE here:

The IJE online offers several advantages to member epidemiologists including advance access and high quality content. You can read articles online weeks ahead of print publication.

Did you know…? Articles from as far back as 1996 published in the International Journal of Epidemiology are available to read free online. For articles older than that, you must have an archive subscription.

We hope you enjoy your free online access to the International Journal of Epidemiology.