Experiencing COVID-19 in India

M.D. Community Medicine
Assistant Professor 
Department of PSM /Community Medicine ,
Patliputra Medical College and Hospital (PMCH)
Dhanbad, Jharkhand

I write this in response to the section "My Story" during COVID19 as a life member of IEA.
As soon it was evident that COVID 19 is a novel disease in China,  I as an Assistant Professor in Medical College, was proactive. The first thing done was a seminar on International Health and COVID19 in the Department of PSM with interns, faculties and staff was organized in the month of January 2020. I was part of the National Effective Vaccine Management  Team in the State of Assam starting 16th February 2020 . There during our RI discussions we were keeping a tab on the developments of COVID19 situation.  While on our field excursion I entered Bhutan, town Ghelephu, and faced the restrictions that were in place. Namely masks , temperature check and sanitizers. There I learnt about the new normal to come !! This was new for us definitely as in India till February we were not thinking much about travel restrictions on land at least. 

Once i returned on 5th March we were travelling again for attending on 6th March the National ToT for COVID19 in India jointly hosted and conducted by WHO and GoI. After coming from there, the same training was done for State officers ( Civil Surgeons , Program Officers and Faculty of Medical Colleges ) in Ranchi the state capital of Jharkhand. I was one of the lead trainers with subject domain of Infection Prevention Control Measures and RRT.

After giving the state training I was also the lead trainer for COVID19 IPC and RRT in the District of Dhanbad in the state of Jharkhand. I was also interviewed by electronic media before the nation went into lockdown and my comments on COVID19 , diet and lifestyle were well appreciated by the viewers. 

After doing all the capacity building and preparing various Medical Officers and top authorities for the inevitable upcoming case of COVID19, we had first case of COVID19 in Dhanbad on 16th April.  I was one of the RRT members to visit the patient's home, do a primary survey of the area, interact with the local people and prepare the block team for further surveillance of SARI and ILI cases. The visit was covered widely by print media.
After that I was the lead trainer for the dedicated COVID hopital in the district for more than six batches of New Medical Officers posted for their COVID19 duties.
In July in the district ICMR conducted a serosurveillance in which i was the chief coordinator for two districts with administration and WHO.  Meanwhile I took lectures for my undergraduate students on COVID19 the same were uploaded on YouTube and Slide share.
I also authored a manuscript which is soon to be published in Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care a PubMed indexed journal with the title "Mapping fear among doctors manning screening clinics for COVID19. Results from cloud based survey in Eastern parts of India. "

Apart from doing all these I also did my stint as duty doctor in my Medical College and donned the PPE suit while seeing the patients.

Pictures of COVID19 work from India